Advocate Family Medicine is Direct Primary Care

Dr. Johnson and her family.

Dr. Johnson and her family.

Direct primary care is healthcare in its simplest form — just you and your doctor. This model has existed from the time of Hippocrates and involves a patient forming an agreement directly with the physician. Trustworthy medical counsel is then exchanged for a fee. Only in recent years has medical insurance come to mean coverage for everything from health maintenance to emergencies. But when was the last time you used your car insurance to pay for gas and an oil change? Direct primary care has restored the noblest aspects of medicine and has opened the door to affordable, superior medical care.

Advocate Family Medicine is the first direct primary care practice in Yardley, Pennsylvania. It was established by Dr. Margi Johnson as a return to old-fashioned medicine equipped with modern technology. Membership gives patients contact with their doctor whenever they need her. After all, rashes, fevers, and strained backs don't follow office hours. Dr. Johnson is here for you at any time.

Advocate Family Medicine simplifies medical care. No insurance. No hassles. You and your physician decide what is best for your health. Insurance is still there for the unpredictable, large expenses, such as hospitalizations, but the vast majority of care can be managed by the family doctor. Without third-party intrusions, Dr. Margi Johnson and her patients are free to grow relationships built on trust and respect. That unique trust will extend both ways: text a picture of a rash or make a video call from the baby's nursery. Don't be surprised if she swings by the house to see how you're doing. This is medicine the way you deserve it.

Being able to call and speak directly to my doctor has saved many trips to the ER. Membership costs less than my cell phone plan each month, and we could not afford NOT to join Advocate Family Medicine.
— Eileen B.


 Better Access

  • Same-day or next-day appointments

  • Talk to your doctor via phone, text, email, and virtual technology

  • Extended appointments (often 30-60 minutes)

  • Say goodbye to long wait times and being put on hold

  • Same day specialist e-consults 

  • House calls when medically necessary

Better Value

  • Affordable monthly fee

  • No more copays with every visit

  • Wholesale labs and medications

  • Low-cost office procedures (think: stitches with your physician vs. the wait and cost of going to the ER)

  • Physicals, forms, notes — no additional fees

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Better for You

  • No insurance = no hassles

  • No copays, coders, billers, or layers of staff

  • Savings passed directly to patients

  • Numerous health problems?  Pre-existing conditions? You are welcome in this medical home

  • Superior healthcare for the working poor, uninsured, under-insured, average person, and for those with high-deductibles and health savings plans (everyone!)